Michael Dunn (Leader), Vicki Macklberg, Justin Stapp, Berry Oliver
Post your production stills, and your final shots on the page! Use the discussion page to tell the rest of us about the shoot.
Please limit size of production stills to 300x* pixels finals to 500-700x* pixels

Here is my other shot, I turned it in last week for class and totally spaced putting it on Wiki, so again my apologies. Anyways, this is my product
shot, so here ya go. Justin Stapp- "Product".

Alright, so sorry these posts are coming up so late, this final week has been hell. No excuses though, I did post super late, and I apologize.
This is my "People" Shot. This one is just a little bit of a salvage as I didn't have time to get any other models/props/costumes etc. together
I had to make due with what I was able to get at the first shoot and this is a real rough comp, I might revisit it, I am not sure. Anyways, "People".


Berry Oliver Time Laps

This is a time laps I shot on November 2nd of our construction.

Berry Oliver Product

My product shot is done. I'm sorry I don't have any production shots.
Thank you to Justin and Andi for helping me.

I updated my shot by adding more dramatic background lighting
and I matched the color of the garments closer to the wine.

Berry Oliver
Kitchen Murder
Tom Moore's
shot I included some production stills
Tom Moore"s contribution