Drew Lundquist (leader), Daniel Saler, Cynthia Repasy, Erin Grant
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Saler_D_Advanced Studio.jpg
Photographed by Danielle Saler

Photographed by Danielle Saler

Photographed by Danielle Saler
Drew Lundquist 1950's Set - In Progress shots
Lemon Pledge Ad - (In Progress)

Nuke Town - (In Progress)

Hey Guys!
So out team is scheduled to shoot this friday. I know that Erin will be on her way to Alabama for the Holidays this weekend, so as far as I know it's just Drew, Cynthia and I there on Friday. I can get a food shoot going together quickly if no one has anything planned. I could use some props and an assistant. I have 1960ish plates and I'm sure I could go down to Colo. Springs to grab Jazz's radio. Call me, text me, let's plan this TEAM!!

Alright Team,
I can't seem to get into my eCompanion for some reason so Im listing my contact information here.
Email: drewlundquist@yahoo.com
Cell: 303.868.6814
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drew.lundquist

Hit me up in some way or another and we'll all get connected for planning and scheduling our shooting times.

Thanks Muchly,

Hey Guys,

Sorry for the delay. My contact information is below.