So what are you proposing?
Each student is required to shoot two portfolio quality images. One product shot, one people shot.
Post ideas along with supporting thumbnails sketches or jpgs. We can brainstorm together on your idea on the discussion page.
Remember your eye always goes to the highest point of contrast. Contrast can be light, color, texture, or theme. You're shooting in a retro (50's 60's) kitchen think of your characters, what contrasts with that? You can play it straight but you don't have to, HAVE FUN!

  • Props
  • lighting mood
  • Theme or story
  • Jpg samples of any or all details
post below this line

Danielle Saler Product Photograph Proposal

Baked goods for the Holiday Season.
The goal for this is to have unique and bright color pallets.
I may be able to bring in a student pastry chef from the culinary building.
I want the lighting to have a norman rockwell iconic style but popping
colors as well.

(more to come)


Caitlin McBride

Shot #1- Portrait Photograph Proposal:

Idea: Hottie housewife cooking in the kitchen.

Mood: I want this to be a quirky photo. Not a run of the mill, perfect looking fashion shot. I want it to look more candid, and more like real life. *look at sample photos*

Model: Ashley Ecklund

Costume: 50's style dress and high heels

Props: We will be using the fridge of the stove as the main props. We may have a few mixing bowls or baking pans in the shot.

Equipment: Canon 5D, 2400 Powerpack, Strobe Lights

Tear Sheets:
Makeup and Hair Ideas:
Shot #2- Product Shot Proposal:

Idea: My idea for this shot is to be a morning coffee advertisement. I found a vintage coffee cup and cream and sugar china. I also have vintage LIFE magazines that I will have in the shot.

Props: Vintage china: Coffee cup and plate, cream and sugar china, life magazine on the red table

Equipment: Canon 5d Mark ii, 2400 Powerpack, Strobe Lights

Mood: High Key. I want it to look like mid morning.

Tear Sheets:

on table
high key

Portrait Photograph Proposal Danielle Saler

There will be three female characters slaving over a beautiful dinner for the Johnson Family.
The women will be a cross between ‘Cinderella (slave)’ and ‘Sally’ (from the Nightmare Before Christmas).
The women will have stitches, bruises and cuts all over giving them a creepy overrun look.
The Johnson Family will not be shown, but there is a possibility to cast family members for a diptych.


Jazzmin Windey, Bethany McKinney, Anastasia Todd

All three models will be wearing torn pencil skirts with white cotton tank tops (stained, over worn) tucked in.

Special Effects Make Up Team:
Todd Debreceni Special Effects Make Up Club

Dining Ware
Cooked Ham/Whole Chicken (whatever is less expensive)
Vegetables (corn on stock, green beans, etc.)
Cooking Ware
Table (to represent Johnson Family, table will be decorated with nice dining ware)

Fog Machine/Dry Ice (whatever is less expensive)
Canon 5D/4x5 Large Format Camera
2400 Power Pack
Strobe Lights
Fashion Injuries.jpg

Justin Stapp

Shot #1: People

Woman on chair screaming, kid hiding behind chair/table and mouse on the floor

Props: Mouse, and clothing options, maybe a broom or rolling pin?
Lighting/tone: Bright and colorful, comic book-esque like covers of old Dennis the Menace Comic Books
I am going to use a momma and her kiddo for the shot, I haven't really worked with a kid before so hopefully
there isn't a dead child in the studio by the end of it?
Shot #2: Product

Advert for a syrup brand with nice branding and packaging

Props: Obviously some syrup, table setting and pancakes
Lighting/Tone: I want it to have the feel of the old adverts of the time, bright lighting and colors

Mega-Advanced Studio – Shot Proposals

Shot #1: “Nuke Shot”

Cliché 1950’s family in their ideal rolls, as a nuke, in mid explosion (out the window) is in the process of annihilating all in its path.
Skull/skeleton, clothes (1950s), apron, bacon/breakfast, newspaper (1950s), toy(s) for kid, etc.
Lighting Mood/Tone: Vibrant colors as you’d see in a cliché 1950’s ad, embers and effect on people would be warm toned,
possibly some slight green tint for that nuke feel in areas.
Theme/Story: This shot could be turned into an ad for not getting left behind during the inevitable apocalypse,
much like the storyline of the 2008 videogame ‘Fallout 3.’
The shot will be light hearted for how dark it really is;
smiles will still be on faces and the tone will be friendly and awesome.
Shot #2: Product

Some kind of time period crossover wherein a device we use today is advertised as it would have been back in the day,
the day being one of the 365 of 1950.
Whatever product, probably home made to emulate the device I choose to advertise. (Device/Product still unknown)
More of a de-saturated tone, with a worn look.
“Life is easier/more fun with __”

Berry Oliver

Shot 1:
Death in the Kitchen

My concept on this shot is to do a low angle
view of a persons face who was just murdered
in the kitchen by their significant other.
Props: Fake blood, knife
Lighting/ Mood: Dark and disturbing. (or maybe go the other
direction and make it happy light with death)

This is the angle of the face I'm thinking of.
Oliver_Berry_Kitchen view.jpg

This is the view of the kitchen I'm thinking of.
The only difference is it would be a lower angel.
The suspect will be in the background with
the bloody weapon.
Blood splatter for the floor.
Shot 2
Wine glass and bottle.

Props: wine glasses, wine bottle. (maybe clothing on the floor)
Light/mood: Romantic/ elegant
Story: A romantic evening planned for a couple and they
didn't make it very far with their wine before heading to the bedroom.

My idea is to have a wine glass with a lipstick stain
on the rim with the bottle of wine next to it.